How To Install

Soil Preparation

1. Remove all debris, stone, any old vegetation, etc. Level any low spots or bumps in soil.
2. It is desirable to have 2 – 4 inches of topsoil.
3. Our sod is approximately 1 inch thick, soil level next to sidewalks and driveway should be 1 inch lower to allow the right
   height for your new sod.

Basic Starter Fertilization

1.  A good starter fertilizer would be one with low nitrogen, medium phosphorus and potassium.  (example) 0-20-20 or 3-25-25
2.  A light application is all that is needed, apply with a hand broadcast spreader, 10 to 15 pounds per 1000 sq. ft.
3.  Apply the fertilizer right before your ready to lay the sod.


1.  Start your sod along a straight line such as your drive way, sidewalk or a lot line.
2.  Make sure your seams are tight up against each other. Avoid over lapping or gaps in the sod.
3.  Lay the sod in a brick like fashion ( staggering each joint ).
4.  Use a utility knife or edger to trim the ends around trees, mulch beds, etc..

NOTE:   Sod should be installed within 12 hours of the delivery time.


1. Saturate the area with water immediately and make sure water has gone through the sod and into your soil beneath.
   Note: One gallon of water within the first hour of installation, does as much good as six gallons of water three hours later.
2. Depending on the time of year, during periods off little rainfall and high air temperatures, sod and soil must be kept wet.
   We suggest watering every day for 5 days, then every other day for 5 days, and every 3 days for 6 days. When sod has adhered
   to your soil, watering can be reduced.
3. When temperatures are 85 degrees F or above, lightly hand water sod and sod bed as it is installed. This will keep grass
   from wilting until installation is completed, when larger amounts of water can be applied.
4. Slopes may need to be watered more often but with less water to prevent water runoff.

CAUTION: Never allow grass to “wilt” and keep traffic off sod during periods of heavy irrigation.

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