When seeding a lawn it can take 1 to 2 years to reach maturity and you will most likely have to over seed anyway because of bare and eroded spots.  A heavy rain storm washes seed away.  A high quality sod lawn can be installed in just hours.  Just water and in two weeks your sod will be ready for normal usage. 


Our Sod is virtually 99% weed free and grown to perfection.  Seeding allows room for weeds to invade your lawn.   The best weed prevention is a dense lawn, which you can get from PA State Sod. 


Your sod will need watered every day for 10 days until it can root. Once its established you will want to fertilize twice a year to keep your sod looking great.  Seeding is physically easier than laying sod but requires more maintenance. First you will have to prevent people from walking on your seeded lawn and tracking mud everywhere ( including pets ).  You will also have to fertilize more often and compete with weeds and get your lawn dense.  This will only happen after at least a year of TLC.


A nice green lawn or dirt and straw???

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