Tall Fescue Mix

Our Tall Fescue sod is a blend of cool-season perennial bunch grasses, and it is becoming very popular both for home lawns and athletic fields. Tall Fescue Blend sod creates turf that has the dual benefits of attractiveness and low maintenance.

Tall Fescue grass is medium in density and texture and green to dark green in color.

Our Tall Fescue is an exceedingly hardy grass that thrives in full sun but will do well in partial shade too. Its unusually long roots reach deep for water, so these plants stay lush and green even in all but severe drought conditions.

In times of extreme heat without irrigation, a Tall Fescue lawn may go dormant, and then green up later when moisture returns. 

Tall Fescue requires less fertilizer than other grasses, and its symbiotic relationship with entophytes make it naturally resistant to insects and disease. It also holds up well to foot traffic and pets. In fact, the South Lawn of the White House – trampled repeatedly by crowds at events such as the Easter Egg Roll – is comprised of Tall Fescue! 

Our Tall Fescue Blend sod is great for home lawns, athletic fields with or without irrigation, and commercial uses.Type your paragraph here.

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